Live Work Communications operates in the space where social good, technology, and marketing intersect. We help organizations and companies create movements that empower people, improve social well-being and increase economic prosperity. Using our expertise in video production, marketing strategy and group process facilitation,  we lead community building from within a corporate boardroom, to community projects in the City of Prince George (such as Innovation Central Society’s Hubspace Community), throughout the province (BC Economic Forum and We For She in Vancouver and Nation2Nation Forum in Terrace), and nationally (Startup Canada movement).


Shauna Harper
Partner & Digital Strategist

Shauna Harper has helped start-ups and both private and public organizations increase their visibility, grow their customer base, and build relationships using both online and offline marketing tools. In a world where there are too many tools and experts, her brain is wired to simplify concepts, connect the dots and see some of the blind spots that others don’t notice. Furthermore, as a trained group process facilitator, she designs and facilitates conversations between small and large groups who want to work together in a more collaborative way. She brings to her team and her clients, a visionary (50ft view, dreamer side that previous sold over 1.5 million magnets across the globe) and a pragmatic (here’s the roadmap and the next steps to get things done) side. Visit her Linkedin profile to see more of her experience.

Mick Harper
Partner & Creative Director

Mick brings to our company a mastery for storytelling, branding and marketing. He writes, produces, directs, designs and edits. As a former television advertising instructor for BCIT and keynote speaker on digital media, Mick understands how in today’s market, we need to engage and tell the stories of our companies through different channels of media. Former and current clients include Air Canada, Home Depot, Rona, ICBC, Government of BC, Coast Capital Savings, PG Tourism, Otway Nordic Centre, countless car dealers and a number of advertising agencies too.



Video Production

Video is the fastest way to build relationships virtually. We love to discover the story of your brand and help you come across authentically on video. We will work with you to tell your story with focus and imagination.


What good is a great website, service, or product if no one ever finds out about you? You need to share what you do with the world. Strategic marketing ensures that you stay top of mind when your customer is ready for you.

Business Strategy

If you’re committed to long term success in your business, you need to have a business strategy in place. We take a strategic look at your business and combine it with our knowledge of proven tools to create a customized marketing and operations plan.


Find out how your group, team, or community can more effectively work and communicate together. We design and facilitate group dialogue processes to improve the conversations that lead up to decision, collaboration and sustainable action.  


We love marketing strategy, branding, and storytelling. We help our clients share their story in an authentic and engaging way, make sense of infowhelm, and customize solutions in a fast-paced and changing online world. By using tools such as videos, social media, online marketing, and traditional community building techniques, we help you get noticed.




Awesome Ideas


All Nighters


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Phone: 250.960.0198 - Office inside the Hubspace: 1299 Third Ave, Prince George, BC. - Mailing Address: PO Box 12025, Prince George, BC V2L 0A8


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